The Beef and Poultry Processing industries face a continual need to safeguard against bacterial contamination such as E.coli. The scientific community agrees that Ozone treatment is the most effective natural bactericide of all the disinfecting or purification agents. It is considered to be the best available technology and a much better alternative than using chlorine for purification in food processing.

When used in perishable food processing or cold storage produce treatment as an antimicrobial agent or as a food processing aid, it will benefit all perishables in all phases of food processing or preparation areas. Ozone disinfection will help prevent a disease from food pathogens and enhance the quality of the working environment at the same time. A cleaner breathing environment raises worker productivity with fewer illnesses and fewer employee sick days. Proper treatment during processing, storage, and transport with ozonated water and/or air is the best means of safe, fresh beef products with the greatest possible shelf life. 

Depending upon particular needs, Beef and Poultry processors would choose our OZ-1500 or our OZ-2000 systems. Larger operations might integrate both systems in order to ensure freshness and safety from Farm-to-Table. 

Ozone for Meat & Poultry