The Ozone Advanced Laundry Oxidation Systems bring the oxidation and disinfection power of ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2) to the professional launderer, to reduce environmental impact, improve laundry quality, and save money, while providing better disinfection.

Traditional laundry processes use hot water to aid chemical activation and provide thermal disinfection. Ozone, a cold- water wash achieves these objectives, while reducing the facilities energy consumption and extending linen life by as much as 20%. In addition, steps within a wash cycle can be shortened and some even eliminated, which reduces overall water use, electricity, and cycle times. These reductions allow the facility to become more efficient, allowing personnel to provide labor for other tasks. 

Finally, a percentage of overall savings is based on chemical reduction. Since ozone is an oxidizer and sanitizer, soils are oxidized and microbes are eliminated and removed rapidly with fewer chemicals.

Ozone Sanitation Systems are designed specifically for commercial laundry applications and can provide a return-on-investment within 8-18 months. They incorporate diagnostic and status indicators that deliver the precise amount of ozone and oxygen. Our systems do not require extra plumbing or water lines, reducing equipment space, simplifying installation, and saving maintenance costs.