Ozone For Your Floral Needs

Ozone is the most powerful sanitation solution available without having to store tanks, drums or containers. It is produced on-site, using ambient air and a small amount of electricity, and creates a much healthier environment resulting in higher profits and lower maintenance cost. Our generators are “plug and play” and can be used for many areas of sanitation in your plant production area.

Once cut, fresh flowers and plants produce ethylene gas as they age. If allowed to accumulate, the ethylene further accelerates the aging process. Continuous or intermittent use of appropriate levels of ozone in refrigerated spaces has shown to be effective in reducing the rate of plant and produce aging by destroying ethylene gas without producing any negative side effects on the product, thus reducing flower decay and extending the quality and shelf life of most produce. It’s known that growers on average loose about 20% up to 50% of inventory. With Ozone water, you will no longer loose inventory.

Our family of wall-mounted ozone systems is sized to meet any water treatment challenge. These units set the standard for the highest ozone output in an air-cooled unit. No other systems are as sophisticated and reliable as these products and produce more ozone using less electrical energy. These units have been applied to the most demanding installations and perform reliably for many years.

Benefits Include:

  • 100% Organic and Green by Nature
  • Increase Shelf Life
  • Increases Root Growth
  • Increases Nutrient Uptake
  • Cuts out cross-contamination
  • Reduces waste water pollutants
  • Less expensive Than Current Antibacterial
  • Healthier Plants and Less Disease
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen and Decreases Pathogens
  • Safe for Both Flowers and Employees
  • Customers Love Longer Shelf Life And Will See The Difference
  • Neutralizes Surface Microorganisms That Cause Cut Flower To Decay
  • Ozone Destroy’s the ethylene gasses produced by aging and decay of plant
  • Reduce Algae, Fungus, Mildew, Spores and root rot
  • Complete microbial control on contact without any chemical residue
  • Saves Money Reduces or Eliminates Chemicals
  • Green: Disinfectant Produced On-site, no storage, mixing or handling of chemicals or transportation of toxic chemicals